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My friends have a huge New Year's Eve themed dinner party every year. This year's theme is "Greece" (because it might be the last year that Greece exists), and my job is to come up with about six hours of music from, about, or in any way related to Greece (including songs that are barely related to Greece, like songs from the musical Grease). I need all knowledge available from MeFites!

I am in charge of the music for playlists are wildly eclectic. For example, apart from standard Greek music (bouzouki stuff, the Greek national anthem, etc.), I can use music and/or sound bytes that are barely tenuously related to "Greece" (the theme from Kojak, the cheese shop routine from Monty Python's Flying Circus, the sound byte "THIS! IS! SPARTAAAAA!" etc.) Of course, I'd like the bulk of the playlist to be relatively standard Greek or Greek-inspired music, such as akritic and klephtic folk music; paraloghes; etc.), but any ideas you have would be most welcome.

(Please—no Yanni. I will use one song of his, but IMO that is already one song too many.)

For examples of previous years' themes and music suggestions, I point you to some previous years' playlist suggestions:

2010: Scandanavia!

2009: Delmonico's New Year's Eve menus from the early part of the 20th Century!

2008: Hawaii and pigs! (Yes, we, in fact, had an entire pig roasted on a spit, among other things.)

2006: Blue-state pickups in the 2006 mid-term elections!

2004: When We Were Kids! (most of us are around 40 years old, so we're talking early-to-mid 70s.)

I need about six hours for drinks, dinner, dessert, and the champagne 10-second countdown, plus coffee.

All help appreciated!


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