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So, yeah, I suck at remembering to delicious tag things, or whatever, so I'm just gonna paste shit into this post, wholesale.

Three things that will always be true of my recs:

1) John/Sherlock or gen stories only--though probably mostly John/Sherlock (I'm not interested in other pairings. Not a judgment--just my taste). Sometimes explicit, sometimes not.
2) No main characters die (except maybe Moriarty from time to time).
3) I can take a lot of angst and injury in a story, so long as things end well (and so long as the angst and/or injury isn't ridiculously prolonged to a point that beggars belief).

Like Leaves & Kings--All Things Must Fall

My Phone's on Vibrate for You (it's not what it sounds like). Seven parts, finished work.

You're a Soldier, I'm a Warzone
You're a Soldier, I'm a Warzone: Episode Two

Cu Sylvatica
Knot Theory, the sequel to Cu Sylvatica

Semper Fidelis (Not something I normally would have thought I'd get into, but I *so* dig it. It's a WIP, but it's now at a point where I feel quite safe reccing it, because you can feel that it's coming to a close, and you kind of know how it will end.)

If I Never...

Winter's Delights

Lay Me Down--a sequel to The Shape I Found You In. Lay Me Down is very much a direct continuation of the events in Shape, and repurposes several lines, but Lay Me Down is, IMO, a much stronger story. So, I'm reccing them like this, because if someone read Shape based on my rec, and then didn't continue on to Lay Me Down because they didn't think Shape was all that great, they'd be missing out. So, obviously, read Shape first, but expect the sequel to surpass it. I hope that makes sense.

Theory and Practice Fusion fic. Sherlock's characters, His Dark Materials' universe. It takes place in modern-day London. No characters from HDM appear, and you don't really need to know the series to enjoy the story, though it is more fun for those who do know it.

Burning Up Through Your Veins


Without Loss of Generality

The ongoing "Paradox" series (links posted as updates appear). This series... how do I explain. As it goes on, it gets further and further away from any kind of canonical interpretations of the characters, to the point where they're basically unrecognizable w/r/t the series itself, but the author writes a compelling Sherlock Holmes/John Watson Not Like The Ones We're Watching. It's one of those kinds of fanfiction stories I usually don't like at all: it's very clear that the author has specific and well-drawn versions of the characters who are nothing like the ones in the show, but she wants them to be played by the same actors. Normally, I stay away from things like this, but because the stories, in and of themselves, are fascinatingly written, I can enjoy them. I know I'm likely a minority of one, as Sherlock fandom has embraced this series as All-But-Canon. That's fine; I enjoy them in my own way.
An Act of Charity
The Paradox Suite
The Death and Resurrection of the English Language
Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name
New Days to Throw Your Chains Away
A Thousand Threads of What-Might-Have-Beens
Thought Experiments

Paper Chase--crossover with White Collar
Rematch sequel to Paper Chase--still a crossover with White Collar (Full disclosure: I beta-ed both of these stories.)

The Whore of Babylon Was a Perfectly Nice Girl

here, our minutes grow hours and until the second hand stops

Fearful Symmetry

Blood From a Stone

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Getting the Message

That Thing You Like

Signs of Attachment

Drowning Man, Harbor, and Profit and Loss (ongoing series)

Space Travel (no, it's not an AU)

Like Bad Wallpaper

Only Human

Lab Book

Keep Me Close


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