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N.B.: If you want to comment on this entry, please do so at my lj account (shockingly named "tzikeh").

Dear everyone who follows me on Dreamwidth, or on lj but is planning to follow me on Dreamwidth once I get my act together over here (there):

I am going to start pretty much from scratch--which means I'm going to delete *absolutely everything* from my circle: access, subscriptions, etc, -- both from my end, and of anyone who is subscribed or has access to my dw account.

THIS IS NOT PERSONAL. This is across the board.

I really feel that I have to dig into dw, and learn a lot about it, before I feel comfortable with the whole "wtf is access vs subscribing vs what-the-fuck-ever" stuff, along with many other things.

When I feel relatively settled here (there), I will post a kind of "open for business" entry, asking and inviting people to subscribe/access/wtf-ever that I don't understand yet. One thing I will beg of you WHEN I PUT UP THE "OPEN FOR BUSINESS" POST--NOT NOW, PLEASE is that you email me and say "I have just subscribed to you on dreamwidth; I am so-and-so on livejournal," because one of the myriad reasons I'm doing this is that I have no fucking idea who half of you are, and I *bet* I know you on lj.

Again, this is a complete re-boot, and is not personal at all. Feel free to un-access me (or whatever the whole thing is) while this is going on. As I say, there will be some kind of "HI OKAY READY TO ATTEMPT THIS NOW" post--I hope sooner rather than later.

Please note my icon, and pardon our dust as we remodel.

(If I've done this correctly, this will cross-post to lj.)

(I'd love to learn if you can disallow comments on a dw entry while allowing comments on the lj crosspost.)

(Also I have no idea how to do the "this was posted at dreamwidth; comment there if you like"--and I also don't know if removing everyone's access means they *can't* comment at dw. I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING.)

N.B.: If you want to comment on this entry, please do so at my lj account (shockingly named "tzikeh").


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